Evaluation of Fairtrade Belgium’s press approach

Opportunity Alert: Consultant Needed for Evaluation of our press activities!

Are you passionate about driving systemic change and promoting social and environmental justice? Here's an exciting opportunity to collaborate with Fairtrade Belgium as we seek a consultant or group of consultants to evaluate our press approach within the DGD funded program.

Deadline for Proposal Submission: April 1st, 2024

Objective of the Evaluation: We're seeking insights into how our press approach contributes to our overall objectives and integrates gender and environment as transversal themes.

Scope of the Evaluation: The evaluation will focus on assessing the relevance, effectiveness, efficiency, sustainability, and impact of our press activities. The consultant will analyze data, review documents, conduct interviews, and develop evaluation questions to provide comprehensive insights.

Stakeholders and Responsibilities: You'll collaborate closely with our team, led by Koen Van Troos, Head of PR & Advocacy, along with other key stakeholders. Your findings will guide our future press strategies and align with our commitment to ethical conduct.

How to Submit a Proposal: Send your proposal to Koen at koen@fairtradebelgium.be. Include your resume, motivational letter, and methodological proposition based on the TOR, referencing the DAC criteria.

Don't miss out on this opportunity to make a meaningful impact with Fairtrade Belgium. Together, let's drive positive change and create a fairer, more sustainable world. Apply now!