New Study Shows Higher Incomes for Fairtrade Cocoa Farmers

29.07.2021 - Fairtrade International

The household survey reveals that Fairtrade cocoa farmers in Côte d’Ivoire have increased their incomes by 85% over the past several years and that a greater proportion are living above extreme poverty levels.

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Fairtrade Launches Its First Living Income Reference Prices for Colombian Coffee

22.07.2021 - Fairtrade International

BONN, Germany – As part of its ongoing effort to achieve sustainable farmer livelihoods, Fairtrade has released its first Living Income Reference Prices for Colombian coffee, recognizing the importance of sustainable and stable prices as one of the key factors in making living incomes in Colombia a reality, the international organization has announced.

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Updating our coffee standard to be future-fit

15.07.2021 - Fairtrade International

Fairtrade’s Coffee Standard has been updated to reflect a stronger approach to trading practices and commitment to human rights and environmental due diligence.

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Seven reasons to choose a better, fairer future for cocoa farmers

06.07.2021 - Fairtrade International

We all love chocolate because it tastes nice and for most of us, once we start on a bar of chocolate we can’t stop until it’s all gone. That creamy viscosity when you take it out of its wrapper and put a piece in your mouth without biting, combined with the perfect ration of sugar and fat is mouth wateringly tantalizing.

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Kinderarbeid massaal in onze winkelkar

14.06.2021 - WSM, Oxfam België, ACV en Fairtrade Belgium

Het blijft een pijnlijke paradox: voor het eerst in de geschiedenis is er een wereldwijd engagement om de ergste vormen van kinderarbeid te bannen. En toch komt het massaal voor. Tot in onze winkelkar. Daarom dat de Werelddag tegen kinderarbeid op 12 juni absoluut noodzakelijk is. Meer dan ooit, want de pandemie dreigt de klok 20 jaar terug te draaien. De instrumenten om dit een halt toe te roepen, zijn ook duidelijker dan ooit. Gelukkig. Want iedereen eet graag chocolade met een gerust geweten.

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