Fairtrade’s New Cocoa Standard: a balance between robust requirements and fairness for farmers

Do you want to know more about the new Cocoa Standards of Fairtrade and their impact for farmers and sustainable supply chains, especially in the areas of human rights, deforestation, traceability and living income ? Do you want to understand how Fairtrade can help you comply with the new and upcoming international legislation (HREDD, EU Deforestation Law)? Watch our webinar!


1. Overall intro: Context

by Samantha Dormer, Global Cocoa Manager, FT International

2. Presentation of the New Standards

by Stijn Decoene, Supply Chain Expert at Fairtrade Belgium

3. Compliance with new cocoa standard : a collaborative effort

by Abubakar Afful, Regional Cocoa Program Manager at Fairtrade Africa

4. Q&A – 20 min

5. Conclusion

by Fairtrade Belgium