Fair Focus Webinar Series


Our Fair Focus webinars in February 2021 were open to all, and provide valuable insights in our different areas of work.

We made both the slides and the videos available to re-watch. Click below on the webinar that fits your need!

For any questions, you can also email one of our team members!

Fair Focus:The value-added of clean sourcing for your company and brand

If your company buys or sells Fairtrade products, or might want to do so in the future, but you are not certain of what the benefits are, join us! We will take you through the essence of Fairtrade and the value-added of a partnership with us for your company and brand.

Presented by Barbara Goffin, Head of Business Development  

Watch the recording of this webinar here. You can download the slides here.


Fair Focus: How Fairtrade helps you meet your sustainability goals 

You work for a retailer, brand or a FMCG company (food, drinks, fabric - related) and have sustainability goals? Fairtrade is part of your solution. We will tell you how our standards and impact meet current trends, your objectives and those of the United Nations - the SDGs.

Presented by Stijn Decoene, Head of Supply Chain

Watch the recording of the webinar here. You can download the slides here.


Fair Focus: Show your customers you care by sharing your sustainable story  

Your company sells Fairtrade ingredients or products and you are a marketeer? Then you know it’s time to share that commitment and tell your customers, consumers and many others about it. We’ll take you through the many and varied ways to tell your sustainable story and how we support you in doing so!

Presented by Deborah Rozenberg, previous Marketing & Campaign manager

Watch the recording of the webinar here. You can download the slides here.


Fair Focus: The why and the how of certification & licensing tools

Your company has a Fairtrade certification or a license (or both) and you are responsible for product requests, approvals, audits or reporting? Then you have heard of our tools Ecert, Fairtrace and Connect! After this webinar, you will know how to use them but more importantly why they are necessary and valuable.

Presented by Danka De Croo & Lisa Van Der Schueren, Certification & Licensing team

Watch the recording of the webinar here. You can download the slides here